The Stranger

I felt them before I saw them. The gaze lifted the small hairs on my body causing small bumps to appear on my skin. The crucial organ in my chest started jumping against the bone cage trying to escape. The air in my lungs rushes out as if the air was knocked out of me. I lift my eyelids slowly to meet the soft blue grey eyes staring at me through the glass.

As our eyes met they gave a slight smile and gave a thumbs up.

My bare toes were suddenly being encased in warm wet clear liquid. I pressed my hand against the smooth surface. “Help me!” I screamed so loud that I could feel the damage to my vocal cords.

They showed me their teeth in a smile.

I felt the warm liquid hit the top of my head now. It soaked into my skull and cascaded down my curves covering my entire naked body in a shimmering clear coating. I went to scream again but no noise came out. I could feel my body going numb. The more liquid poured over me the less I could move.

I could feel the liquid pushing into every single one my crevasses as it climbed my body. It slowly crushed my ribcage as it filled the glass box I was in.

The liquid crammed itself into my nose and mouth no matter how hard i fought it. It slithered down my throat and as my body gasped for air the liquid took the opportunity to claim the space in my lungs. My vision went blury and before it went dark I saw their face smiling and their hand waving at me.

I cannot see.

I cannot move.

I cannot breath.

I can only think.

Want more? Don’t worry here’s more!

All stories Copr. @writerbeccazw 2021

All rights reserved

Published by Becca W.

An aspiring writer looking to get my work noticed, so I can build and improve my skillset to become the best writer I can be.

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